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2016 BIIG® Brand Study (Brand Identity in Golf)


The Brand Identity In Golf Study (BIIG®), is Golf’s first comprehensive report on the top Brands in today’s marketplace, covering 19 major brands in golf, across all equipment and apparel product categories, capturing 2,100 serious golfers in the US and their brand perceptions, and attitudes.

The 2016 BIIG® Report serves to answer a number of questions while revealing critical insights & perceptions that impact the entire golf industry, including:
• Which new brands are gaining traction?
• Are established brands becoming dated?
• What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the leading golf brands?

There is no single formula for Brand success in golf products. The recipe consists of many diverse elements, all forming the fabric and texture of the Brand’s Identity.  The 259-page Golf Datatech 2016 BIIG® Brand Study will deliver insights into these key measures of golf’s most successful brands.    

Report Index

  • Objective & Methodology
  • Overview - Brands Evaluated
  • Golf-o-graphics - Gender, Age, Handicap, Annual Rounds Played, Facility, Household Income
  • Brand Identity in Golf - Brand Dashboards
  • BIIG® Brand Analysis
  • Brand Mapping
    • Brand Esteem vs. Brand Value
    • Key Performance Indicators vs. Retail Market Share
  • Favorite Golf Brands
  • Net Promoter
  • Brand Loyalty, Brand Loyalists, Brand Evangelists
  • Brand Pricing Premium Index by Category for Top Brand
  • Topline Results

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Confidentiality Of Report
This report, in part and its entirety, is the copyrighted property of Golf Datatech, LLC. Under no circumstances may information taken from this statistical report be used for any promotional purpose, be released orally or in writing to any media, research company or stock analyst company without the prior approval of Golf Datatech, LLC