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The Development of the Ultra-Premium Golf Club Category 2018


Who Buys & Why? With Comparisons vs. Other Price Points

The Development of the Ultra-Premium Golf Club Category Study seeks to understand the attitudes and motivations of Serious Golfers regarding their purchasing and usage of Ultra-Premium Golf Club products.

This 198-page report was created utilizing the Golf Datatech database of serious golfers.  An online survey was conducted isolating “Ultra-Premium” purchasers, those who spent (on their last purchase): more than $575 on a Driver, more than $1,600 on a Set of Irons, more than $350 on a Putter or more than $150 on a Wedge.  For comparisons sake, respondents were also broken down into other categories according to price.

----------------------------------------------Report Index---------------------------------

  • Objective & Methodology
  • Overview & Summary Analysis
  • Golf-o-graphics
  • Topline Results
    • Equipment Usage Habits
    • Golf Club Spending & Usage
    • Driver
    • Iron Sets
    • Sand Wedges
    • Putters
    • Future Purchase Intent
    • Golf Balls
  • Price Point Breakouts
  • Drivers
    • Complete topline results segmented by Driver Price Point Breakouts
  • Iron Sets
    • Complete topline results segmented by Iron Price Point Breakouts
  • Iron Price Sub-Segment Cross Tab
    • Ultra-Premium Iron Buyers Segmented into Two Additional Price Point Breakouts
  • Sand Wedges
    • Complete topline results segmented by Sand Wedge Price Point Breakouts
  • Putters
    • Complete topline results segmented Putter Price Point Breakouts
  • The Ultra-Premium Buyers by Equipment Category
    • Important side by side comparison and cross over results



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(This report is available for download in PDF format after payment confirmation and includes a Cross Tabs Excel file)


Confidentiality Of Report
This report, in part and its entirety, is the copyrighted property of Golf Datatech, LLC. Under no circumstances may information taken from this statistical report be used for any promotional purpose, be released orally or in writing to any media, research company or stock analyst company without the prior approval of Golf Datatech, LLC