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2020 Serious Golfer Shopping & Purchasing Habits


The Shifting Retail Markets for Equipment

Have you ever wondered where serious golfers shop? Where they buy their golf balls?  Their drivers?  Their irons?  Their golf shoes or gloves?  The eighth installment of Golf Datatech’s Serious Golfer Shopping and Purchasing Habits study expands and builds upon prior Channel Segmentation Studies completed in 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2017. 

By tracking and identifying key channel trends in shopping and purchasing behavior, this expansive study provides the golf industry with unique, actionable insights into the opinions and attitudes of these critical consumers of golf equipment.

Over twenty-five hundred serious golfers responded to this in-depth research study.  2020 Respondents had an average age of 51 years old, played an average of 72 rounds of golf per year, a mean handicap of 13.5, and a mean household income of over $159,000. The respondents to this study are not intended to represent the total golfing population, but are indicative of how serious golfers, those who play and buy the most, typically behave.  While one in five respondents playing most of his or her golf at a Private course, the remainder plays most often at Public facilities (Public, Semi-Private and Resort).

The study analyzes the shopping and purchase patterns of serious golfers in ten retail channels, including Mass Merchants, Wholesale Clubs, Catalogs, Sporting Goods Stores, Online Golf Retailers, Online Auctions, Amazon, Other Online Retailers, Custom Club Fitting Specialists, as well as the traditional On and Off Course channels. Specific questions were asked about purchase habits of golf balls, iron sets, drivers, golf shoes, and gloves. Data was also collected and analyzed by key brand and price point within these channels. Further in depth analysis is included through cross tabs.

Report Roadmap:

  • Methodology
  • Key Observations - Golf Datatech’s thoughts on the data and implications
  • Current Market Conditions - Thru September 2020
  • Estimating Channel Size -  On, Off, Sporting Goods/Mass Merchant, Amazon, Direct to Consumer, Other, by product line in dollars.  Also, sub-channel estimates for Custom Fitters & Online.
  • Where is Golf Equipment Retail Headed?
  • Executive Summary 
  • Golf-o-graphics
  • Detailed Results - Shopping Frequency by Product Category, Shopping & Spending Habits, Attitudes & Attitudes about Retail Channels & Retail Shopping Patterns
  • Specific Product Categories Covered - Golf Balls, Irons, Drivers, Golf Shoes, and Golf Gloves
  • Cross Tabs - Handicap, Gender, Facility Played Most, Geographic Regions,  Age, Alpha Consumers, Price Points and Online Shopping Habits

      If you want to know where serious golfers shop and purchase golf products this comprehensive study, with 530 pages, will tell you.

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      Confidentiality Of Report
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