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2014 Pyramid of Influence Study


Identifying and Understanding Golfer's Key Influencers

Conducted with over 3,000 serious golfers in the Spring of 2014 to investigate how they evaluate new technology, how they gather information on new products and technology, and what influences them to purchase. To highlight the changes in attitudes and behaviors, the analysis concentrates on how the Serious Golfer community felt before the recession and compares it to today’s mindset. The last time the Pyramid Study was released was in August of 2007, just prior to the economic meltdown.

This 118-page study identifies, evaluates, analyzes and develops a deeper understanding of the impact various sub-segments of the golf population have on the dissemination of information, trial and subsequent purchase of golf equipment.  These sub-segments consist of the Traditional Pyramid (Segmented by Handicap), The Alpha Consumer (Segmented by those who purchase at a higher rate), The Leading Edge Innovator (Segmented by those who "Must Have" the latest technology) as well as by Income, Age, Facility Played Most often and Gender.

The 518-page section of Cross Tabs will be sent separately once the main report is purchased.


Report Index

  • Objective & Methodology
  • Findings & Commentary
  • Demographics - Gender, Age, Handicap, Annual Rounds Played, Years Played, Facility, Household Income
  • Serious Golfer Profile
  • Research Results
- Game Motivators & Impact Factors 
- Perceptions & Opinions (How "serious golfers" feel about the game of golf, how they see themselves as influencers, how they believe their golfing friends and associates view them and how they feel about various influencers in their lives)
- Media Preferences (Opinions and usage of various media outlets)
- Brand Orientation (How "serious golfers" feel about branded products in their lives)
- Purchase Influencers & Triggers
- Shopping & Purchase Behavior (What influences serious golfers when it comes to evaluating and purchasing new golf equipment)
- Individual Category Section (Usage, pricing and purchase behavior, including pre-purchase behavior and purchase decision influencers) Drivers, Iron Sets, Golf Balls, & Golf Shoes.
  • The Traditional Pyramid - Select research results by category segmented by Handicap
  • The Alpha Consumer  - Select research results by category segmented by those who purchase at a higher rate
  • The Leading Edge Innovator - Select research results by category segmented by those who "must have" the latest technology
  • Income - Select Research results by category segmented by income ranges
  • Age - Select research results by category segmented by age breakout
  • Facility - Select research results by category segmented by facility played most often
  • Gender - Select research results by category segmented by gender


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Confidentiality Of Report
This report, in part and its entirety, is the copyrighted property of Golf Datatech, LLC. Under no circumstances may information taken from this statistical report be used for any promotional purpose, be released orally or in writing to any media, research company or stock analyst company without the prior approval of Golf Datatech, LLC