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The Business of Game Improvement 2017


This 2017 study, produced by Golf Datatech LLC, is a follow-up to previous studies completed in 2004, 2007 and 2010 and attempts to quantify and understand what drives the business of teaching and game improvement tools.  Golf Datatech surveyed 1,570 golfers in December 2016 from our exclusive Database of Serious Golfers, golfers that represent roughly 80% of the golf retail purchasing market (five to six million golfers).

The business of game improvement in golf has been around for as long as the game itself, expanding and adapting from one-on-one instruction to books and magazine editorial, eventually evolving into current technologies, including Online lessons, video and advanced computer software.  Training and instruction aids have been supplementing and enhancing the knowledge of teachers for nearly as long as the science of teaching itself.  While these industries have grown significantly, there has been minimal research attempting to understand how Serious Golfers view the products and services they purchase and use.

The results of this 147-page report covering this fragmented business category are based upon responses to this survey including cross tabs combined with extensive knowledge of the golf retail market by the partners at Golf Datatech, LLC.

----------------------------------------------Report Index---------------------------------

  • Study Overview
  • Objective & Methodology
  • Observations & Summary of Findings
  • Golfographics- Gender, Age, Facility Played, Annual Rounds Played, Income, Estimated Annual Training Aid Expenditures
  • Research Results on the Business of Game Improvement Tools
    • Media Preferences as they pertain to game improvement
    • Teaching Professionals & Golf Lessons – providing serious golfers opinions of teaching professionals and habits regarding golf lessons
    • Practice Patterns – frequency and types of practice as well as opinions of practice routines as a whole
    • Physical Wellness & Fitness – new questions on wellness and fitness habits as they pertain to the serious golfer and their game
    • Golf Schools – frequency and experiences attending golf schools
    • Web Based Golf Instruction & Online Instruction Videos – new questions ask purchase and usage patterns & viewership
    • Traditional Golf Teaching Training & Practices Aids – purchase & usage habits of traditional training & practice aids, not including electronic or diagonal aids
    • Digital Wireless Swing Analyzers – New questions examine purchase, interest & usage habits of Digital Wireless analyzers, designed for capturing and analyzing the golf swing
    • Launch Monitors –a technology reaching beyond Teaching and Fitting Professionals, investigating purchase, usage and future interest for the first time
    • Personal Golf Simulators – another set of new questions asks purchase, usage & interest habits as some have come down in price significantly; however, purchasers still remain a very elite group. For that reason, very little analysis can be done on current purchasers at this time.
    • Wearable Game Improvement Technologies– reported for the first time, asks respondents purchase habits and interest in wearable technologies that track golf stats, not including Distance or GPS Devices.

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    Confidentiality Of Report
    This report, in part and its entirety, is the copyrighted property of Golf Datatech, LLC. Under no circumstances may information taken from this statistical report be used for any promotional purpose, be released orally or in writing to any media, research company or stock analyst company without the prior approval of Golf Datatech, LLC